Professional and Caring Dog Grooming in Brisbane North

Your ageing dog has been your loyal friend these past eleven years. Now she’s getting a little bit older, a little bit slower, and a little bit harder to take groom. You want to make these later years happy for her, but it can be a challenge.

Baths have become particularly challenging. She resists the water, and she’s heavier now making it difficult to manoeuvre her. The entire event seems to be stressful for you both. At Hairy Tails Dog Grooming Boutique, we care about your dog. We understand that she is a vital part of your family and that you want the best for her. For her dog grooming in Brisbane North, she will have the best with us.

Your dog’s health and comfort is our priority. We care about each dog’s history and what her requirements are so that our dog grooming in Brisbane North reflects positively not only on her appearance but also her comfort and well-being.

Give us a call on 1 800 855 175. We want to know more about your dog and how we can service her. A gentle grooming session for your loyal, older pet is a nice way to give her loving attention too. She will enjoy our warm staff, and our fun and comfortable environment.

Our dog grooming in Brisbane North is a professional and caring experience for your pet. We provide one-on-one sessions, complete with lots of hugs and praise. Our goal is to make our customers feel relaxed and happy, and we want their owners to feel good, too!

Treat your special dog to grooming in Brisbane North. She deserves the best because she’s always given your family her best.