Dog Clipping in Brisbane North for Every Furry Friend

Dogs come in so many styles and shapes and personalities. Some are enormous while others are quite tiny. Some are calm while others bark a lot. Some love to lie on your lap while others want to be outdoors playing – constantly. Yes indeed, dogs come in so many styles and shapes and personalities.

Then there is your dog. How do you describe your dog? In a word – hairy. Your dog is very, very hairy. Before your dog, you had never seen such a hairy dog. You have been feeling progressively anxious as you realise your dog is getting even hairier as she grows into her adulthood. You have no idea how to manage all that hair! Brushing and grooming is going to be a complicated and time-consuming business.

You can relax. For dog clipping in Brisbane North call Hairy Tails Dog Grooming Boutique. We groom all breeds and shapes of dogs in a comforting and fun setting. We care about our customers and their owners, and we want all our dogs to leave feeling happier and healthier.

Dog clipping in Brisbane North does’t have to feel stressful for your pet. With one-on-one sessions, our goal is to provide excellent service without causing discomfort to your dog. We listen carefully to your cares and concerns about your lovely pet. Please give us a call on 1 800 855 175 and let us make an appointment for your very hairy, very wonderful pet’s next dog clipping in Brisbane North.