Tails are Wagging for Dog Grooming in Brisbane Northside

Tails are Wagging for Dog Grooming in Brisbane Northside

People always stop you on the street when you pass by, walking your poodle. They comment on his exquisite posture and stance, his overall elegance and refined nature. He is quite a sight; you have to agree. It isn’t uncommon for people passing by to credit you with his fine grooming, but you know the truth. You know who deserves the credit for his impeccable appearance.

A year ago, your poor poodle looked a complete disaster. Embarrassingly you had no idea how a poodle’s coat could grow out so quickly. You had no idea how to take care of your poodle past his meals and your love for him.

You are so grateful to Hairy Tails Dog Grooming Boutique. They have perfectly tended to your dog grooming needs in Brisbane Northside. Your poor boy was matted, his nails were far too long, and even his breath was getting a little stinky! When you finally found dog grooming in Brisbane Northside, all of that changed. Now your poodle looks like he belongs on a doggie Riviera sipping doggie champagne. He is stunningly elegant.

The best part about dog grooming in Brisbane Northside for your beloved poodle is that he absolutely loves it! He has become quite familiar with the staff, who grooms him in a one-on-one setting, bathes him in glorious aromas, clips and shapes his curly locks, cuts his nails, and freshens his breath. The treatment is royal, and the hugs are many.

Better still, you get to spend the hour across the way sipping a cup of tea, relaxed because you know your dog is in great hands. When you call Hairy Tails, your dog will definitely start wagging his!