Looking For “Dog Groomers near me?” Look No Further than Hairy Tails!

Your dog appreciates having clean hair and clipped nails the same way you do. That’s why regular grooming is such an important part of keeping your dog happy and healthy. However, if you have been struggling to find a local groomer, pet owners in North Brisbane can go to the dog groomers who will cherish their canine companions with care—Hairy Tails! Read on to find out more.

Finding the Right Dog Groomer

Taking your dog to see a professional groomer is an excellent way to make sure that your pet gets the bath and trim they need, while also allowing for some extra pampering and styling that may be difficult to achieve at home. Professional groomers are also experienced in handling shy or anxious dogs and can help your four-legged friend feel more comfortable with the grooming experience.

If you think your pet could benefit from a trip to the dog groomer, the next step is to search for one near home. In a large metropolitan area such as Brisbane, answering that all-too-important question of finding the best “dog groomers near me” can be challenging with so many options available. How can a pet parent rest assured that their dog will receive the best care possible and end up looking and feeling great?

Just as with finding the right doggy day care, or a salon for yourself, it pays to do your research when selecting a professional groomer. You should look for dog groomers who offer shorter, less stressful sessions, especially if your dog is anxious about getting bathed or having their nails trimmed. You should also make sure your groomer takes your dog’s safety seriously, and that your pet will never be left alone in drying cages.

Dog Groomers in North Brisbane Your Furry Friend Will Love

For a dog grooming experience which treats your pet like family, Hairy Tails is proud to provide a comfortable and safe environment for dogs of all shapes and sizes. If you’re in North Brisbane, the dog groomers at Hairy Tails would love to meet your canine friend! We offer short one-on-one grooming sessions, where your dog’s safety and comfort is our top priority. We care for our furry guests as if they were our own and help them feel secure while they are staying with us.

After you drop off your dog, a member of our experienced team of groomers will pamper them with a luxurious hydrobath shampoo (or shampoo of your choosing) and can trim and style your dog’s hair in a variety of ways, including breed-specific cuts. We never use drying cages, and your pet won’t have to wait for an extended period in a cage for your return after their bath and clip.

At Hairy Tails, customer satisfaction means everything to us, so we’ll do all we can to make sure your dog feels at ease in our warm and friendly environment. After a visit with our groomers, your dog will not only look their best; they will feel great too! Allow us to be the dog groomers in North Brisbane you can trust. Call us today at 1800 855 175 to find out more.