A Hydrobath for Dogs in Wavell Heights Leaves your Pet Refreshed and Beautiful

Yours is the kind of personality people would describe as “relaxed”. That’s because with five children and three enormous indoor dogs there would truly be no other way to survive your living environment.

But even you have your limits. The dogs are your beloved pets, but they are leaving a bit of stench behind when they travel from couch to chair to bed.

A hydrobath for your dogs in Wavell Heights would really help! At Hairy Tails Dog Grooming Boutique, we feel the same way about dogs that you do: We love them! We still understand that they need to be bathed and hygienic. You need your pets clean and ready for all that wrestling around with your children.

A hydrobath for dogs in Wavell Heights is a comfortable and fun experience. We never rely on drying cages, and we don’t let your pet wait. Dogs can feel stressed in new or strange places, and we understand and accommodate that! We also tend to different skin types. If your dogs have sensitive, dry, or easily irritated skin, we offer a variety of shampoo products that can help.

Your dogs are an integral part of your family. You can’t imagine life without these three big guys jumping around, playing with the kids and occasionally even breaking something, but you’d like them to smell nice and feel healthy at the same time.

Give us a call on 1 800 855 175. A hydrobath for dogs in Wavell Heights is just what they need!