A Dog Hydrobath near Chermside Leaves your Labrador Handsome and Happy

The dog biscuits are the same, so it’s not that. You haven’t changed his food, so it’s not that, either. You still have the same walking routine each morning. You can’t think of anything else out of the ordinary. Oh yes! You did take him to Hairy Tails Dog Grooming Boutique.

That’s it! It has to be. Ever since your dog had a hydrobath, he’s had an extra kick in his step! He seems so happy. Do you imagine that he even seems to have a slight air of doggie confidence? All you know is that your precious Labrador is even happier than usual. Frankly, he smells so much better, too. Who knew that a dog hydrobath near Chermside could result in such bliss for your pet?

You loved the facility and the friendly, warm groomers. Your lab seemed to feel at home immediately. It didn’t hurt that the staff didn’t utilise drying cages. Your lab ate up all that one-on-one attention, too. Did you possibly detect an air of longing as you pulled against his seemingly reluctant leash when his bath ended?

It feels good to know that your beloved pet does not mind having a dog hydrobath near Chermside. It feels even better that he seemed to enjoy it! The cherry on top is how fantastic he looks and smells. As you take your daily walk together, you note that not only does your shiny lab have a bit more doggie confidence; you seem to have a little extra, too.