A Dog Hydrobath in Brisbane Northside is Fun and Healthy for your Beloved Pet

You feel terrible, but your dog is getting a little too stinky to be indoors. Even the children are starting to complain. Little Boo loves to sleep inside in her comfortable, warm basket, but for the past couple of nights, you have banned her to the backyard.

You have tried and failed at your attempts to bathe her. A couple of times you tried to give her a bath she slipped through your soapy grasp and took off. You can’t even think about that last time you took her to a dog groomer – she was utterly traumatised waiting for hours in a drying cage. Poor Little Boo!

You need to call Hairy Tails Dog Grooming Boutique! Our dog hydrobath in Brisbane Northside will be comforting and fun for your special pet. We never use drying cages, and we spend one-on-one time with our doggie customers.

A dog hydrobath in Brisbane Northside is a lovely experience. Your pet will look and smell terrific. We offer several shampoos so you can choose a scent you find appealing and that your pet prefers. You can also bring your own shampoo from home. Our goal is to accommodate every canine customer – and her owner too. You will both love the way she feels and looks after her relaxing bath.

Give us a call on 1 800 855 175 and set up an appointment for a dog hydrobath in Brisbane Northside for your pet today. Little Boo is ready to get back inside to cuddle up.