Where to Find Quality Dog Grooming near Kedron

Is your doggie getting a little shaggy? Are you looking for a way to clean them up a little? If you answered “yes” to either of those questions, you’d probably be interested in finding someone to provide professional dog grooming near Kedron for your furry friend. Dog grooming keeps your pet presentable so that you can take them anywhere with confidence and ease. It’s perfect for people who want to show off their dog for any reason, whether there’s a show coming up or a few fellow dog lovers coming over for a visit. When you’re choosing a dog grooming service near Kedron though, you’ll want to make sure to pick someone who will make your pet as happy as you’ll be. That is to say, choose a grooming service that uses humane methods and stress-free techniques. Your pet will thank you for it.

When you’re looking for dog grooming near Kedron, your best choice may well be Hairy Tails. That’s because we have a different attitude towards dog grooming in the Kedron area, one that focuses on the well-being of the animals we treat as well as the way they look. We pride ourselves on offering a safe, comfortable environment where you can feel secure leaving your dog. You’ll be giving them an experience free of long lines and restless animals, which helps set them more at ease during their visit and ensures that both of you leave happy afterwards. Contact Hairy Tails at 1800 855 175 for a premiere dog grooming experience near Kedron today.