Give Your Beloved Best Friend a Treat with a Hydrobath for Dogs near Strathpine

Your dog is one of your beloved family members, and he or she deserves loving care. Dogs love nothing more than to roll around in the mud, splash in puddles on a rainy day and run around the garden chasing old and worn toys, but they also sometimes expect a place on the couch. As much as we’d love to snuggle up with our dog after a long day, we don’t want our expensive furniture to suffer as a result. Fortunately, it’s easy to keep your dog nice and fresh by taking them to a professional groomer for a hydrobath for dogs near Strathpine.

Let’s face it, we wouldn’t let our children jump around on the sofa after playing in the dirt, so we can’t make exceptions for the family pet. Understandably, dogs don’t have a great fondness for some groomers because they don’t want to sit waiting in a cage until they’re ready to be seen. However, some groomers put your dog’s feelings and health first and ensure they never have to step foot in a cage. For that reason, many dog owners visit us when they need a hydrobath for their dogs in Strathpine.

At Hairy Tails, we cater for all your dog’s grooming needs and endeavour to create an environment that both you and your beloved pet will adore. Dogs feel so much happier and healthier after being cleaned, groomed and pampered, which is why our hydrobath for dogs near Strathpine is increasing in popularity.

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