Get the Dog Wash in Brisbane’s Northside Your Canine Pal Deserves

Dogs do a lot of strange things to help get themselves clean. From rolling in the dust to worrying and licking parts of their body, your dog may be trying to tell you something. Taking your dirty dog to a groomer not only can help relieve their discomfort, but it will also likely make life with your dog more pleasant. If you’ve been hoping to find a dog wash in Brisbane’s northside, Hairy Tails is happy to pamper your canine friend and get them looking fabulous in no time.

Reasons to Take Your Dog to the Groomer

Many people assume all you need to do to get a dog clean is to take them out into the backyard and hit them with a hose for a few minutes. While this may remove some outer dirt and grime, it won’t help soothe dry doggy skin, and your pet may not enjoy the experience. For those who live in flats, with no space to wash their dog outside of their bathtub or sink, this is made even more challenging. If you have a long-haired dog or own a breed with a thick double coat such as a German shepherd, you should also be prepared to invest more time and effort in grooming.

A groomer can give your dog the wash they truly deserve. While you have many options when it comes to finding a dog wash in Brisbane’s northside, you should consider Hairy Tails to treat your cherished pet like family and give them a wash which will meet their specific needs.

A Brisbane Dog Wash You Can Trust

When you take your furry friend to the groomer in Brisbane for a dog wash, we know that it can be stressful. Your dog means so much to you as a friend and member of your family that it may be difficult to bear the thought of trusting them to a stranger’s care. You want to be sure that when you pick your dog up that they will not only look clean, but that they will also have had a safe and comfortable experience. Understandably, many local dog owners spend a lot of time trying to find a dog wash in Brisbane’s northside they can trust.

At Happy Tails, we strive to do all we can to ensure both your satisfaction, as well as the satisfaction of your pet. All our grooming sessions are done one-on-one and are kept short to ensure your pet’s maximum level of comfort. Since some dog breeds cannot tolerate forced-air drying, we never use drying cages for your beloved pal, and they will never be made to wait for long periods in a cage for your return.

We believe in cutting hair, not corners, when it comes to your dog’s comfort and safety. Our goal is to send every dog home sparkling clean and with a wagging tail! Give us a call at 1800 855 175 to see how we can help your pet both look and feel their best.