Does Your Pet Need a Hydrobath for Dogs in Brisbane Northside?

As much as we love our dogs, looking after them can be a nightmare. Dogs are adorable pets that always want to run around and play, and while we love nothing more than entertaining and snuggling them, all their giddiness can take its toll on their skin and hair. If you have children, you’re probably more than aware of how dirty things can become after they’ve played outdoors, but children aren’t covered in soft and silky fur from head to toe. To prevent your dog’s hair from becoming matted and greasy, you might want to consider taking them for a hydrobath for dogs in Brisbane Northside.

It’s not just your dog’s hair that can become greasy and clogged with dirt from time to time – all that running around can also take its toll on your dog’s paws. Nobody wants their dog to feel any discomfort because, after all, they provide us with so much comfort in return for taking good care of them. You might not need to give your dog a morning and evening shower, but your beloved pet will certainly benefit from a hydrobath for dogs in Brisbane Northside from time to time.

At Hairy Tails, our professional dog groomers know just what your dog needs to feel rejuvenated and fresh. We take great pride in providing a fantastic service for your dog, and we stock shampoos for dry skin, sensitive skin and extra-greasy hair. To find out more about our hydrobath for dogs in Brisbane Northside, contact us today on 1800 855 175, and we’d be delighted to fill you in on the details.