Are You Searching for the Best Dog Wash near Chermside? Bring Your Furry Friend to Hairy Tails’ Professional Grooming Salon

When it comes to dog washes and grooming salons, not every place offers the same level of service and care. Some grooming centres are so busy that their dogs spend most of their time waiting in cages, only to be quickly trimmed or cleaned, without any level of personalised service. Other dog wash salons use one type of shampoo or cleaner, which can be a huge problem for dog breeds or types with specific skincare needs.

When searching for a quality dog wash near Chermside for your family pet, you want to make sure you find a friendly salon, with years of experience, and a passion for caring for animals. Personalised grooming sessions are a bonus, ensuring your canine receives the special attention they deserve. For the best services from any dog wash near Chermside, reach out to Hairy Tails.

For the past 20 years, we’ve been providing excellent dog grooming services for your pet, without the long waits and mindless shampooing services you might find elsewhere. At Hairy Tails, our dedication to ensuring your dog’s grooming session is perfect – from the shampoo selection to their handling. We’ll even use your shampoos if you’d prefer.

Find out how it feels to benefit from superb customer service from an animal-friendly team who honestly cares about your dog. Book your first session today by calling us on 1800 855 175.