A Hydrobath for Dogs in Lawnton Calms and Comforts Every Doggy Customer

Last month your life changed. Your husband talked you into adopting a dog from a rescue shelter. Who knew you could love something as much as you love your new little bundle of fur? You still have no idea what cross of breeds he is. Suffice to say he’s a beautiful, energetic mutt.

He has proven to be quite smart, too. He is housetrained, he fetches, he sits on command, but mostly, he is just absolutely precious. There is one problem. He hates baths. You have tried in the bathtub, outside with a hose, and outside in a baby pool, but he always runs off. He’s even growled a little.

It’s time to try a hydrobath for dogs in Lawnton at Hairy Tails Dog Grooming Boutique. We are committed to your dog’s comfort and cleanliness. Bath time isn’t every dog’s favourite time. That’s likely to change after a visit to our grooming boutique.

A hydrobath for dogs in Lawnton can change how your pet reacts to grooming and bathing. Our one-on-one sessions are relaxing and nurturing for your dog. He won’t have to endure a drying cage or a long wait.

Choose from several lovely scented shampoos when you get a hydrobath for your dog in Lawnton. Or bring one of your own favourites.

Your doggie adoption has brought you enormous happiness. You want to make sure that you make your new pet happy, too. Hydrobaths for dogs in Lawnton allow your dog to feel safe while achieving better hygiene, health and beauty. Happiness for everyone!