A Dog Wash near Strathpine Means a Happier and Healthier Pet

You work all day and coach your daughter’s soccer team all weekend. Your husband is tied up with his new job, and it seems between the two of you, just enjoying a meal is a big win. It seems you have so little time for anything outside of hitting your deadlines. Sometimes, life just gets that way.

You still make sure your precious dog, Angel, gets her daily walk. Angel also gets snuggles at bedtime. Your daughter is great about playing with her after school. You’re ashamed to admit that you haven’t been able to squeeze in some grooming. Honestly, you can’t remember the last time you gave her a good bath. It’s starting to show. She is looking a little grungy. Poor Angel!

It’s time to call Hairy Tails Dog Grooming Boutique for a nice, relaxing dog wash near Strathpine. Life gets busy, and it’s not unusual for dogs to feel the pain. When busy people are rushing around, it’s typical for dog grooming to fall to the side.

A comforting, healthy dog wash near Strathpine is just what your little Angel needs! We can assure you that your dog will enjoy her dog wash near Strathpine and that she will look and feel healthier, happier and lovelier.

When you choose our grooming boutique for a dog wash near Strathpine, your Angel won’t have to wait long, and she will receive a one-on-one session filled with hugs and praise. Hopefully, you can take advantage of Angel’s wash time and grab yourself a cup of tea and a few minutes of downtime. Your dog is safe and happy with us.

Life gets crazy sometimes. Don’t feel bad that Angel’s bath time has been a little neglected.

Give us a call on 1800 855 175 and let us get your precious pup pretty with her dog wash near Strathpine.